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Even Assassins Get the Blues

S. Kumar

The Matador

Directed by Richard Shepard

Take the character he has been playing the last few years. Remove most of the suaveness and aplomb and add in healthy doses of humility and even a large handful of loss of confidence. Leave a bit of the smooth talker still in. The charisma is still intact. That's the new Pierce Brosnan we meet in The Matador.

Brosnan plays an assassin who's somewhat at a crossroads in his life and career and sturggling to figure a way out to a better life that awaits. Greg Kinnear plays a moderately successful but still humble salesman who's having a bit of bad luck and is hoping for the next one thing to work out which will make everything better.

As different as their lives and lifestyles are, they do have very similar problems in where they've ended up. Each has good things in his life and each has hurdles to overcome. They meet in a hotel bar and hit it off right away. One is trying to overcome loneliness and despair and the other mostly anxiety and a certain amount of boredom.

It's a very funny movie in which both Brosnan and Kinnear excel at their characters. They show how two men who have so little in common can get along so well due nothing more than being otherwise very nice men with very genial personalities under trying circumstances.

A big chunk of the film is shot in Mexico and there's an extended scene set in a bull-fighting arena. I don't want to get into an argument with anyone regarding the sport itself. Leave the personal feelings aside, if you have any in the matter, and enjoy the beauty of the scene. Just take it for what it is meant to be here. No violence is ever shown and the sheer artistry of the scene and the players in it will dazzle you. Allow yourself that luxury and throw away the guilt. You won't regret it.

This is the scene where the two characters really hit it off. With many of the twisted characters we see in so many movies, we keep expecting things that don't happen and unexpected nice things keep happening. Just keep an open mind and you'll enjoy it more.

I know I'm not saying too much here and it's because I want you to enjoy the movie and it's surprises. It's very hard to say too much more about this fine film without giving things away. I would certainly recommend this movie to anyone. It's executed in such an elegant and nice way, you can hardly believe how much you care about someone who kills people for a living. Sympathy for the killer seems so natural. Especially when he really does have the blues.

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